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Related article: Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2004 22:09:57 -0600 From: t wayne Subject: Adult Book Store EncounterThis is a true event which happened to me several years ago. Actually it was one of my first encounters and as with most first, it is still very clear in my mind. Please do not read this if this material is illegal in your area, or if you are not of legal age to be reading his material.One day I was driving along and decided I wanted to see what was so interesting inside those businesses called "Adult Book Stores". I was not a prude but I had never been inside an Adult Book Store.It took some courage for me to finally pull into the parking lot. I had driven around the block at least 5 times before I was able to get enough courage to pull into the parking lot. Immediately, I drove to the farthest point of the parking lot, and began to shake. I was so scared, I didn't know if this was really what I should be doing, but I had to see what was inside these forbidden places.Finally getting the courage up to enter. I guess I felt being an Adult Book Store, it would be dirty, and dark. It was very well lit and the place was basically clean. I walked around, looking at all of the magazines on display. I really wanted to look at the gay material, but was still unsure if they even had gay material. When I finally found the gay section, I was scared someone would see me. So I just glanced at the area and continued my discovery of the business.After a short while I found out about the movie section. I Lolita Dresses asked the clerk about the movies and was told the machines took quarters. I immediately bought $10 worth of quarters and went into the movie area. Now I had found the "dark and dirty" area I thought I would find.Just inside the doorway to the movie section was an area displaying all of the movies being shown. I looked at them and again, I found they had gay movies. I just had to see a gay movie. I guess I thought I was the only person with these feelings. By seeing a gay movie, I would be able to confirm I was not alone with my feelings.I walked around in the movie section, and realized the booths with the gay movies were full. I didn't want anyone to realize I could be gay, so I went to one of the straight movie booths. I entered and started feeding the machine my quarters. None of the booths had doors, so I surely wasn't going to be doing anything inside there but watch the movie. Just as my luck would have it, I picked a movie showing a lot of tits and ass...all female. I was disappointed. When my quarters finally ran out, I exited and walked around again. Still the gay booths were occupied.Finally, I decided I would leave. Walking out into the parking lot, as I was walking to my car, a man came up to me and started talking. I really didn't want to talk with him. I wanted to get out Lolita Dresses of the parking lot before anyone could see me there.He seemed like a nice guy, but was not overly good looking. I tried to be nice to him but it was clear I was uncomfortable with being in the parking lot. Finally this guy said to me, "Well, I have a lot of movies back at my house if you would like to come over and watch some with me."Looking back, I can clearly see that I was not the brightest person around. I didn't realize this was his come on to me. But, the thought of watching some more movies, maybe even getting to see some nice dick, I accepted his offer. I told him I would follow him.Once inside my car, I started to get scared, but my dick was hard and the brain in the head of my dick was now in control. I continued to follow this guy, but I took out a piece of paper and wrote down his license plate number on it and put the paper under the seat of my car. I figured if anything happened to me, they would be able to trace this license number back to this guy.Finally we arrived at his house. He lived in a very nice area of the city. I parked and walked to the front door. He had driven his car into the garage and closed the door, entering the house from the garage entry. Suddenly the front door came open and he invited me into his house.After he closed the door, before me eyes could adjust to the darkness of his house, he took my hand and said, "Here, let's go into my bedroom where we can watch the movies." And I thought this was rather strange for a "straight man" to be grabbing my hand...but I let it happen.Once inside his bedroom, my eyes started to adjust. We sat on his king sized bed as he started to play the first movie. He asked me, "What type of movies do you like?"Not being too bright, I commented, "Well, I enjoy comedies. I really don't like scary movies."To this comment the guy laughed and said, "No, do you like straight, bi or, gay movies."I told him I didn't know as this was the first time I had ever been in a book store and had never really seen too many adult porn movies.He said, "Well, I have a movie in that I was watching before I left, shall I just continue it? Or do you want to see my selection of movies?"I told him to just go ahead and play what he had been watching. I just knew that here I was with a married man, in a nice house, it was going to be a straight movie.All of a sudden the screen came to life and there was two guys sucking on each others dick. I thought, now something is wrong, this can't be. He wouldn't be watching a gay movie because he is married.As I began to watch the movie he said, "I will be right back. Do you want something to drink?"With a dry mouth, I said, "Sure, that would be great."My focus was on the movie, and I am not just sure how long he was gone. But, when he returned he had two glasses of water and was not wearing any clothes. I glanced at him and saw he had a very nice dick which was hard and looking like it needed attention.He asked me if the movie was okay and I told him it was fine as I had never seen a movie like this before. He handed me the glass of water and sat down on the bed next to me. I took a drink and not knowing where to sit the glass down, looked around and asked, where I should sit the glass.He told me just sit it on the night stand on that side. As I got up to put the glass on the night stand, he said, "Why don't you just sit down up there. You can use the headboard for you back."Well, this sounded good to me, so I did as he suggested. He then moved up to be sitting next to me again.I returned my focus on the movie and was shocked to find the two on the screen were now fucking. I thought this was really strange for a "straight man" to have this movie but I was enjoying the movie and kept quiet.Suddenly, he put his hand on my hard dick and I jumped. He said, "Oh, I just thought I would help you with that. It looks like it is hard and I know it must be hurting inside your pants."I didn't know what to say or do. I just said, "Well, yeah."Then he immediately started to undo my belt and open my pants. Once my pants were opened he said, "Why don't you just slip those off and get more comfortable? I know if you got out of your pants, your dick would feel a lot better."Scared but overly horny, I took his suggestion and removed my pants. As I was removing my pants the said, "You could get naked and I know you would be more comfortable."Again, I followed his suggestion.Upon getting back on the bed, there was a new scene on the movie. This started like most, there was one guy who started to suck the other guys dick. As I began to watch the movie again, I felt his hand return to my dick.He then said, "Well, looks like that dick is in need of attention." I didn't know exactly what he meant by this but I felt if he was going to play with my dick, I wasn't going to refuse him.Suddenly, I felt something warm and wet on my dick. I looked down to see this guy had started to suck on my dick. I was not ready for this and I jumped. He said, "It is okay if I help you out with your problem, isn't it?"At this point he could have asked it I wanted to rob a bank and I would have agreed.He continued to suck on my dick and play with my balls as I was watching the movie. Then the scene changed and the guys on the screen were fucking. I was very close to shooting and all of a sudden he stopped as quickly as he started.I know I must have had a look of disappointment on my face when he said, "That looks like fun. I bet that would be lots of fun to do."I knew I didn't want to get fucked and said, "Well, I am sure for the guy fucking it would be fun but for the guy getting fucked, I bet it hurts like hell."He said, "Oh no, if the guy doing the fucking takes his time, the guy getting fucked loves it."I said, "Really? I would like to try that one of these days. Being the guy that fucks that is. But, I don't know if I will find a guy that would let me try it."He said, "Well, if you promise to go real slow, I will let you try. After all, your dick is really big so I know you would have to take your time."I again said, "Really? You would let me try that with you? When?"He said, "Well, I was thinking right now would be a good time. But you have to promise me you will go slow. If I tell you to stop, you have to promise to stop."I agreed with all of these conditions. Hell, I was going to get to fuck this guy.He guy opened up the night stand on his side of the bed and pulled out a bottle of something I had never seen before and I asked him what that was. He told me it was lube and it would make it easier for me to get my dick inside his ass. He then started to put lube on my dick and then moved his hand to start lubing his ass. I was so intent on watching this guy lube his ass, I knew I wouldn't be able to last too long.Finally he said, "Okay, let's try this. Now you have never fucked a guy before so let me help you." He lifted his legs up and I got into position between his legs. He grabbed by dick and pulled it to his lubed ass. Just as I was Lolita Dresses about to slide my dick inside of him he said, "Hold on, take a hit of this it will make you feel real good." I didn't know what he was talking about and he held up a little brown bottle.He saw the look of confusion on my face and said, "Have you ever tried poppers?"I told him, "No, and I don't do illegal drugs."He told me, "It is not an illegal drug. You can buy these at that book store you were just at. It will help to make you feel so much better as you are fucking."Well, I didn't know anything would make me feel better fucking, but I was going to try it. Hell, at this point if it were an illegal drug, I would have tried it just to be able to fuck him.He told me to hold the bottle to my nose and pinch the other side close and inhale through my nose. Then do the other side. I did as I was told and started to feel really good all over. As soon as I finished he grabbed the bottle and did the same. As soon as he was finished with the poppers, he grabbed my dick and said, "Put that big dick in my now."I slide my dick inside and I knew I was ready to die and go to heave or hell. I had never felt anything that felt so good in all of my life. I started off slowly and he grabbed my ass and pushed. I tried to go slowly and he said, "Just shove that dick in there. Get it all the way in. Bottom that big dick out now."I didn't know what to do so I did as Lolita Dresses he said.Then he started telling me to fuck his ass and fuck it hard. I did my best. Hell, I was new to all of this but I felt it this was what the guys on the screen were doing and enjoying it, who was I to say it was wrong.I fucked him and as I was building up speed he kept telling me to fuck that ass harder. He kept taking hits of poppers and would occasionally hand me the bottle. I took a couple more hits and then knew I couldn't last too much longer. I told him, "I'm going to cum," and started to pull out.As I started to pull out he grabbed my ass and shoved me in deep and said, "Give me that hot load. I need to feel that dick shooting inside my ass. Make my man pussy feel full."I had never heard anyone refer to their ass as a "man pussy" but I was too far gone and I shot deep inside of him. This was the best orgasm I had ever had. I was so exhausted I just fell on top of him and continued to spasm as I shot load after load inside of his ass.When I finally stopped, I said, "Damn that was good."And he told me, "I knew you would be a hot fuck when I saw you. I just wasn't sure you would be as agreeable as you were. You can come and fuck this ass anytime you want. Just let me know so I can make sure my wife isn't home."As I pulled my limp dick from his hot ass I was afraid of what I would see. I just knew my dick would be covered with all sorts of stuff and was kind of afraid to look. Once my dick came out of his ass, he bend down and took my dick into his mouth. He cleaned my dick off, but before going into his mouth I looked and my dick was basically clean. I didn't know why my dick would be clean, but I was glad he was sucking it so I knew it would be clean before I got dressed.Finally he said, "Damn, I wish you would have come over sooner. I know I could get another load out of that dick. But, we need to stop as my wife is due home in about 15 minutes."I knew I didn't want to be there when his wife came home. I knew I didn't want to have to tell his wife that her husband had one hell of a hot ass. So I immediately got up and started dressing. When I was finished dressing he put on a robe and walked me to the door. At this point it dawned on my that he had not cum yet. I said, "Hey, I am sorry, you haven't cum Lolita Dresses yet. I could beat you off if you would like."He said, "No, let Lolita Dresses me just clean up the bedroom, get the movies put away and then when my wife gets home she will be ready for me to fuck her. You don't need to get me off. Just promise me you will come back for more. My ass could really use another work out from that big dick of yours." As he said this he reached down and started to rub my dick again through my pants.He opened the door and as I started to turn to walk out, he grabbed me and kissed me. Hell, this was a day of firsts. My visit to an adult book store, my first male blow job, my first fuck, my first gay movie and my first male kiss.To answer anyone wanting to know if I ever went back. Yes I did, several times. Hell one time I arrived and shortly afterward a telephone installer showed up and we took turns fucking his guy. By this time I would have loved to fuck the telephone installer, or at least such his dick, but that never happened.Clay, if you read this, I want to personally thank you for teaching me all you did. I hope you are still married and living happily with your wife. But, I sincerely hope you are still getting that hot ass of yours pounded!!!
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